Get your own house call with MultiCare Virtual Health. Virtual Health services let you talk to a medical provider from the comfort of home, providing convenient care for both new and existing patients. 

Two Virtual Care Options


24/7, 365 Days a Year


E-visits are a quick option to receive care for minor health conditions such as allergies, colds and sinus conditions, UTIs, pink eye and more.

Simply complete an online questionnaire, and a MultiCare provider will get back to you in about an hour with diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription, if needed.

Video Visits are available 8 am – 9 pm, 7 days a week. Talk face-to-face with a MultiCare provider from your favorite device.


Monday-Friday and some weekend days

Video Visits

Virtual visits are a secure alternative to in-person doctor visits for new and existing patients. Patients and providers communicate over video chat with their trusted provider. Most MultiCare and Mary Bridge primary care and specialty clinics are now offering virtual visits. Virtual visits are also available for Pulse Heart Institute, occupational medicine and for specialized programs like prenatal care.

More About Virtual Health Options

  • What if I have symptoms of COVID-19?
    If you have COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough or shortness of breath) or upper respiratory symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion), please use our Virtual Care E-Visit service. MultiCare will waive any co-pays, co-insurance (if you have insurance coverage, we will bill it, however) or charges to you. If clinically appropriate, we will refer you to a site for further evaluation.
  • How do I set up a virtual visit?
    If you’re an existing patient, simply call your regular clinic. If you’re a new patient, call any of our clinics. We will schedule you for the earliest available appointment, and our MultiCare staff will walk you through exactly what to do.
  • What kind of appointments can be done virtually?
    Appointments that may work for virtual visits include

    • Annual wellness visits (existing patients only)
    • Chronic disease management, such as asthma, blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol
    • New patient visits
    • Routine office follow-ups
    • Sick visits
    • Specialty care visits, including prenatal care, heart care, cancer care and pediatrics

    Call your clinic to discuss your needs and learn if virtual visits are an option for you
  • Can I get a prescription?
    Yes, if the provider determines you need a prescription for your condition, they are able to send a prescription to your local pharmacy.
  • What are the benefits of Virtual Health?
    There are many benefits to Virtual Health. A major benefit is simply avoiding the hospital or clinic setting when a contagious disease (like COVID-19 or the seasonal flu) is present in the community. Another benefit is convenience. You can talk to your provider from home, without having to drive to the doctor’s office, or find child care, or even get out of your pajamas when you’re not feeling well.

    MultiCare Virtual Health services gives you continuity of care with the ability to see the same doctors you would see at an in-person visit.
  • Do I need special technology to make an appointment?
    To make an appointment, all you need is a phone. For the telemedicine call itself, you will need a phone, tablet or computer that has a camera and a microphone. When you call to set up your appointment, our staff can give you detailed instructions on exactly how to connect to your provider.

    For E-Visits, you just need Internet access to fill out the online questionnaire.
  • What if I’m not very comfortable with technology?
    That’s ok. Just call your local clinic to schedule your appointment, and we will talk you through the rest of the process. The technology requirements for a telemedicine visit are very simple. You only need a device with a camera and a microphone. (Most modern mobile phones meet this requirement.) The rest of the process is as simple as clicking on a link.
  • How much will a virtual visit cost?
    A virtual visit costs the same as an in-person visit. We accept all the same types of insurance that we do at our clinics.

    MultiCare Virtual Care E-Visits cost $25. This may be covered by your insurance.
  • What type of care does not work well for a Virtual Health visit?
    If you have a life-threatening condition or are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department.

    If your condition requires an in-person assessment — because you need x-rays or testing or a physical examination — our staff will discuss that with you when you call to schedule your appointment.
  • Do all of your clinics provide Virtual Health services?
    Many of our clinics now offer Virtual Health options, but not all do. Call your clinic to learn about your options.

    And always call 911 or go to the emergency department if your condition is life-threatening.
  • What if I’m an existing patient but don’t have MyChart?
    You do not need MyChart to set up your appointment. Schedule a telemedicine appointment by calling your clinic. If you are an existing patient and would like to sign up for MyChart, visit the MyChart sign-up page.