COVID-19 has become a global health threat, and the need for a safe and effective vaccine is critical.

The Novavax clinical trial is testing whether this vaccine will prevent COVID-19. It will compare this vaccine with a placebo, a substance that contains no active medication.

Participants who qualify for the study will receive:

  • Study related medical tests throughout the study
  • The study vaccine or placebo
  • Study-related monitoring of health and follow-up care

Who Can Participate

You may be eligible to participate in this COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial if:

You are an Adult, 18 years or older

We are specifically interested in those who:

  • Represent a racial and ethnic group that has been greatly impacted by the pandemic (such as African American, Latinx, Native American, or Asian American)
  • Have an underlying medical condition (such as diabetes or obesity)
  • Have a high risk of exposure through work (such as first responder, healthcare professional, or delivery person)
  • Live or work in an elder-care facility
  • Are retired or active military

Thank you for your interest in the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine trial. We have received an outstanding community response and have met our maximum capacity for study participants to screen for trial eligibility. In the future, if we have other COVID-19 vaccine trials and you are interested in participating, please contact us directly through our website or email us directly at [email protected]. (please do not include patient health information in the email.) You can also learn more about the clinical trials we offer by visiting our website.