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4 Ways to Keep Your Team Healthy and Connected - Virtually 

Times being what they are, you may find yourself managing employees from afar or with minimal in-person contact. At MultiCare Centers of Occupational Medicine, our sole focus is to meet the needs of employers and employees, so we’re here to help.

Our experts have shared some tips for how local leaders can promote good health, avoid injury and stay connected with your team virtually.

1. Encourage Movement

If an employee is suddenly working from home, it’s likely that most of their meetings and tasks are happening in one small space, facing a screen. Remind your team to get up and move for a few minutes at a time, throughout the day. This will help prevent pain and improve mental health, and can even increase productivity.

Try it: Instead of your typical team huddle, consider a walking meeting over the phone.

2. Utilize Helpful Apps

Does your business need to keep updated records of exams or certificates? If you can’t exchange documents in person, there may be apps that don’t require a scanner, but just a phone photo. Consult with your legal counsel if shared documents include private information.

Try it: Review the capabilities of apps like Scanbot Pro, Microsoft Officer Lens, or FineScanner Pro.

3. Support Environmental Health and Safety

People suddenly working from home may not have the home office set up they need. From carpal tunnel to back pain, L&I claims can be costly for employers. Leaders should encourage proper posture and ergonomics to prevent injury.

Try it: If an employee’s work environment has changed indefinitely, consider reimbursement for proper desk equipment like keyboards, monitors and an ergonomic chair.

4. Reiterate That Your (Virtual) Door is Always Open

When an employee has a health issue or injury, you want to know about it as soon as possible. Consider routine communication via email newsletter or phone to remind employees that you are still available to support them.

Try it: Schedule weekly “office hours” when you know you’ll be at your desk and ready to respond to calls and emails. Teammates know they can call you without worrying about it being an inconvenient time.

Whether you need to make small adjustments or completely reimagine your employee wellness program, every company is facing a lot of change and challenges right now. MultiCare Occupational Medicine is open to provide all the services you need from employment physicals and screenings to injury and return to work care. We help manage the details, so you can run your business – and your employees can stay well.

Here for You

COVID-19 has impacted every business uniquely, so your transition back to work will be unique to you, too.
Our team at MultiCare Centers of Occupational Medicine is committed to providing evidence-based guidance so that you can implement the best transition for you and your employees.

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